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We combine decades of both HealthTech marketing experience and strategic experience, and we focus on your unique challenges. Backed by dozens of the most talented professionals in medical device marketing, our passionate senior leadership team immerses itself in your business.

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  • Tom Dudnyk President

    Tom Dudnyk

    Forbe - Agency Council

    Tom is a force of constructive disruption.

    For over a decade, he was a top sales rep for companies like Stryker, Bayer Diagnostics, and Cerner. With that perspective, he founded VIVO Agency, a unique group dedicated to transforming how HealthTech products are marketed.

    Tom is a relentless visionary and sees today’s market as a historic opportunity for companies that are ready to reach for it.

    Ask our clients. Philips, Roche, and Boston Scientific are just a few of the companies that have grown as a result of Tom’s leadership, and new and bold strategic insights.

  • Kristin Keller Executive Vice President

    Kristin Keller

    Executive Vice President

    Kristin is a seasoned agency leader who drives strategic, creative, and operational excellence across the entire VIVO team.

    Internally, Kristin continually drives the strategic and creative product at VIVO to ensure that we are always exceeding expectations; externally, she creates client partnerships built on honesty, collaboration, and mutual respect.

    A dynamic leader who built a digital agency from the ground up after serving as head of strategic services at a Publicis agency, Kristin brings a wealth of invaluable medical device marketing experience to all of our clients.

  • Teresa Sánchez Director, Strategy and Research

    Teresa Sánchez

    Director, Strategy and Research

    Teresa is where the voice of the customer meets strategy.

    When you need to figure out the best way to change customer behaviors and beat the competition, Teresa is your secret weapon. With 20+ years of marketing and research experience, she leads our team of strategists and researchers to bring clients fresh, relevant customer insights and bold strategies to grow their impact.

    Teresa has been on the front lines of HealthTech for more than a decade, nurturing powerhouse brands and startups alike. She’s conducted market research across the globe — with payers, providers, and patients — and she and her team know how to unlock new ways to motivate people to buy products, change care protocols, and adhere to therapies. Teresa brings the big guns.

  • Jonathan Sauer Creative Director

    Jonathan Sauer

    Creative Director

    Jonathan brings the kind of creative you can’t ask for, but is exactly what you need.

    Jonathan is known to be the best partner for Pictionary because of his cleverness and quick wit. He sees the simplest, clearest, most meaningful story—and brings it to life exquisitely. It’s no surprise he’s been the creative force behind game-changing global brands.

    A veteran creative leader from Cline Davis and Mann and the Omnicom Healthcare Network, Jonathan has led countless launches—from transformative diagnostics, to visionary care pathways, to the first ever drug for binge eating disorder. He also helped create and manage the biggest content marketing program in the HealthTech space.

    Jonathan has a knack for shaking up markets and creating demand for the next generation of care.

  • Steve Clark Director of Client Services

    Steve Clark

    Director of Client Services

    Steve thrives on building strong client relationships and doing what is right for his customers.

    A strong leader with a customer-focused approach, Steve cultivates enduring relationships by making sure his clients’ needs are always met.

    A medical device marketing veteran, Steve has led account teams at a Publicis agency, and he has worked on the client side. His broad experience in agency arenas and corporate marketing provides a deep understanding of the HealthTech industry and what it takes to build successful partnerships with clients.

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