99% of device marketers make this naming mistake. Here’s how to avoid it

The power of a name: Your product’s name is one of the most powerful medical device marketing tools you can imagine. Customers see it and repeat it constantly, which gives it an extremely important role. It should:

  • Reflect your brand promise or value proposition
  • Demarcate its position within your portfolio

Today’s medical device product portfolios are massive, due to the scarcity of sunsetting products. A properly conceived product name tells customers and your sales force where a product fits within your portfolio. It also helps your sales force tell a potent value narrative.

opportunity lost:
Despite their potential power, many product names fail to reflect a value prop. Nor do they help bring clarity to their positions within overstuffed portfolios. Names that aren’t aligned with value props don’t help customers and don’t help your sales force.

the critical mistake:

99% of medical device names are created BEFORE the value prop is created. This leads to a name that is almost always disconnected and unrelated to:

  • The product’s value prop
  • Its position within the portfolio


Create the name AFTER the value prop has been written. Let the value prop serve as the creative brief for the product-naming process. This simple fix will pay huge dividends—one of which is a shorter and more streamlined brand strategy creation process.

Still can’t come up with a name that effectively matches your value prop? Worry not! VIVO’s expert healthcare marketing consultants are armed with the right balance of creativity and sound strategy to kick-start your naming ventures.

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