Consistent messaging is a lethal weapon. Here’s how to get it.

If your medical device marketing results in value props that resemble the Gettysburg Address, your organization will never consistently message.

Medical device sales processes are long and complex, with many different target audiences along the buying journey. To make sure your message resonates, you have to consistently message it. Yet, far too often, your primary messaging vehicle, your sales force:

  • Unloads a kitchen sink of messages, hoping one sticks
  • Changes the message each time, searching for one that works
  • Doesn’t have a message at all

Chances are, your value prop resembles a five-course Thanksgiving dinner when what everyone wants is just a single, perfect bite.
The first step toward fixing the bloat is knowing what causes it.

You created a value prop. It’s reflected in your marketing materials. So why don’t the sales force, and the rest of the company, message it consistently?


  • You don’t know what to say, so to be safe, you say everything
  • You approach your value proposition as if it’s a description of your product or service


Think backward and don’t stop until you can state your value prop in five words or fewer. Whittle away the bloat by asking yourself these questions:

  • What’s the ONE thing my target audience needs to know the most?
  • What topics fall outside that sweet spot?
  • Can a fourth-grader recite my value prop?

Once your value prop is downsized to the length of a headline or tagline,
you’ll have met the threshold for consistent messaging and great medical device marketing. 


Creating short, concise, powerful value propositions is easier said than done. That’s why it makes sense to bring in a specialist who can help. VIVO is a full-service medical device marketing agency that understands the nuance of this industry – and has been creating market-seizing value propositions for fourteen years. We use a collaborative, team-based methodology that gets to your greatness in the most direct way possible.

Give us a call today – and start making your messaging a lethal weapon for your team.

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