Does your medical device marketing shape the narrative? If not, here’s how.

What exactly is the “narrative”?

It is a concise story that frames your unique strengths.

Why is it so important?

  • If the medtech purchasing committee’s selection criteria match your strengths, you win
  • If they match your competitors’ strengths, you lose

selection committee criteria are fluid. Your marketing must shape their selection criteria before your competitors do.

How do you create a winning narrative?

Step 1
ID your most important product strengths—those that best address your customers’ biggest needs

Step 2
Promote the problems that your strengths uniquely solve, thus creating attention and urgency

Step 3
Weave your product strengths together into a very short, easily recitable solution narrative

How do you promote it?

Prior to contacting reps, buyers use search engines to gather information


How do you know it is working?
When committee members co-opt your narrative as their own selection criteria, you’ve won!

Make Shift Happen
Stop reacting to someone else’s narrative and start making them react to yours. Reach out and see how VIVO, your specialized medical device marketing agency, can put your narrative out in front.

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