Making ″patient centric″ the center of your device marketing

“Patient centric” is the most overused phrase in the history of healthcare marketing. Yet today’s marketplace demands that you give it meaning, and position your solution as uniquely activating it. That’s because readmission penalties, quality scores, and chronic disease management are placing greater emphasis than ever on patients.

Providers have always considered care that puts the patient at the center (i.e., patient centricity) to be the highest ideal. Unfortunately, they were just too siloed to deliver it. Today, the silos are coming down. Data is being shared. Multidisciplinary care teams are collaborating, and they’re even bringing care to the center of the patient’s universe: their home. As chronic disease management and prevention gain momentum, patient centricity becomes a logical strategy to individualize care.

providers realize that patient centric care is more than an ideal. Connected technologies now exist to put it into practice!
take advantage of this opportunity and give “patient centric” new relevance.


  • Give lip service to patient centric care
  • Make marketing all about your medical devices


  • Market the problems that patient centric care solves
  • Show how your medical device uniquely enables patient centric care
  • Market a vision of patient centric care in practice, with problems solved and benefits realized

Moving from product-centric to patient-centric marketing is not easy. But you can make the shift with VIVO. As a specialized medical device marketing agency, we’ve been driving breakthrough marketing for the last fourteen years.

Contact us and see how our experience can make the difference for you.

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