What can Trump teach us about medtech marketing?

His weapon of choice

Trump is a master at using contrast to differentiate himself. He regularly sets himself apart from his predecessors—including Bush, Obama, and Clinton—even though he already won the election. It’s almost as if he’s still running! He calls out what he labels as policy failures, like China trade, North Korean missiles, the Iranian nuclear agreement, or the Afghan war, and he positions himself as trying to solve them with bold, unexpected approaches. For example, early in his campaign, he gained an edge by saying repeatedly that Jeb Bush was “low energy,” thereby implying that he himself was “high energy.”

The contrast effect

Psychologists call this the contrast effect. By calling out failures or limitations, and contrasting them with your new solution, you give your solution greater meaning and urgency.

Why is this important?

Healthcare providers feel besieged. They’re incredibly busy, and they’re burning out trying to reinvent their care models to deliver value-based care. They’ll only take notice if you offer high-voltage solutions that help them move the needle. To get past their radar, your medical device marketing needs to contrast strongly with the competition.

Put the contrast effect into action


  • Market shades of gray, incremental improvements, or easily missed nuances


  • Define how you are dramatically different and therefore desperately needed
  • Commit to market black and white

Need to bring a little more contrast to your medtech marketing? We can help. VIVO is a full-service medtech marketing agency that has been making brands stand out for fourteen years.

Want to give your brands the edge they need, or infuse some high voltage contrast for your next product launch? Give us a call!

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