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on solid ground

Your strategy is only as good as the research that informs it.

There is an epidemic in health tech marketing: shoddy market research. It’s a misinterpreted insight or an insight that was simply missed. It can misinform your strategy and put everything on shaky ground.

Our specialization in this market means that we find insights that no one else can. With VIVO, experience is the difference.

The right recruits

Hospital C-suite, clinical champions, value-analysis committees, purchasers, key opinion leaders. We recruit the right people so you get actionable insights every time.

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The right research

We do custom research guided by your mission-critical questions. Interviews, focus groups, surveys—we do it all. Anywhere in the world.

The right insights

Whether it’s message testing, launch strategy, or product development, put our team of experts on your side. We go beyond data to help you make customer-driven strategic decisions that measurably improve your marketing.

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