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Healthtech marketers

have a problem.

Buying decisions are no longer made by tactical clinical champions, but rather by strategic C-suite members. But how do you get the insights you need to effectively communicate with these key customers?

Traditional research is an option, but most marketers don’t have the time or the budget to reach this elusive audience. You need insights now.

STATInsights is the answer. STATInsights is an online, subscription-based C-suite advisory panel. It gives you access to C-level decision makers, to gain the quick-turn insights you need.

Here’s how it works


You need to know if your marketing strategy resonates with the C-suite. STATInsights research experts work hand-in-hand with you to create research queries designed to garner the most salient executive feedback.


From there, your query goes to the STATInsights panel: a hand-picked advisory board of healthcare executives, 
with titles including CEO, COO, CNO, CIO, and 
VP of Clinical Services.


Within as little as a week, you receive a high-level executive summary with guidance from the STATInsights panel on what problems they see, and how you can make your marketing better. 
With this critical feedback, you'll be ready to proceed with confidence.

Best of all,
works within
your timing and
your budget

A subscription costs far less than even one round of market research, and allows two submissions each month—so the insights keep on coming. Get insights on key trends, product ideas, marketing strategy, or creative materials. It’s all easy, fast, and affordable.

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