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VIVO is purpose-built for the new world of value-based care in the healthtech industry.

By uniquely focusing our full-service capabilities exclusively on this industry, VIVO can see farther and go deeper than any other healthcare marketing agency. We have helped more than 80 companies, big and small, transform their marketing from focusing on product features to providing the partnership solutions their customers need.

Our mission is to create a new level of customer demand for our clients by transforming the device and diagnostics marketing landscape.



Yesterday’s strategic planning process won’t work anymore. With some of the top strategic minds in the industry, we know how to create strategies that break through in today’s complex market.


Brand & value creation

We know your customer better than any other agency. That’s the foundation of our ability to create value propositions, brand identity, and creative concepts that will make your product a must-have for your target audience.


Full-service execution 

Want results? Choose VIVO. We’ve won awards for our content marketing, KOL engagement programs, and sales materials—but more importantly, we’ve won business for our clients.

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